Welcome to Our Naturally Centered Pet Retreat

3195 Route 98, Varysburg, NY 14167  (585) 535-7363

Please check our Availability/Vacancy Page for times we are closed or full.


We are a small, personally run kennel.  We have 7 indoor/outdoor (covered) dog runs (with wire tops for those jumpers/climbers out there).  We have an AMAZING view.

               The dogs love to sit and watch the creek, the squirrels, the birds and just chill on comfy Kuranda beds.

Fully fenced yard for safe, individual and always-supervised, play time.

Special needs?  Talk to us, we can accommodate you and your pup.  We are willing to feed raw food, we can give medications and deal with the needs of our extra special guests.

Prices range from $40 – $50 per night* depending on the special requirements your pet may have.

Personal one-on-one Sniff-Walks in good weather for 15 – 20 minutes along the creek are available ($10)

We carefully track when your pup eats, pees and poops to be sure everything is moving along naturally.

Feel free to bring your dog’s bed, favorite blankets, toys and especially food.  Let us know how they like it prepared and we’ll do our best to make it ‘just like home’.

*Drop off and Pick up times are by appointment only.  

*Special arrangements can be made.  An additional fee may be required.*

*Per night fee is for one 24 hour period.  Depending on drop off or pick up times, partial day-board fee may be incurred. 

With notice we can be very accommodating for drop off and pick up times, but please understand we do have a schedule to maintain so when you tell us you’re coming please adhere to that time.  We may be busy with yard work, with another guest or our own dogs, or, crazy as it may seem… eating dinner.  Also note….

*Any extensive care (meaning more than 1 or 2 easy dosing ie: mix in food, medicines/supplements, multiple feedings,  special needs, etc. will be charged for accordingly.)  We keep close track of each guest to be sure they are eating and airing properly.  If they need walks to go potty, we will do that and it may increase the nightly charges.  We are more than happy to do almost anything your pup requires but please understand that to keep our rates low for everyone, those with special needs or those that require an inordinate amount time, will be charged more than the standard $35/night.

Please take note:  Dogs can come in contact with many bacteria and viruses in their everyday lives from walks, greeting another dog or even from their owners who have inadvertently touched a surface or another dog.

We take every precaution to keep all areas clean and disinfected (daily or immediately after any accidents) however dogs can easily have, carry, transmit bacteria like bordatella (kennel cough). 

Talk with your vet about the best plan for your dog.  Even vaccinated dogs can catch kennel cough. Current vaccinations only protect against one strain of the bacteria.

The best defense is a HEALTHY DOG.


Pupdated:  7/16/2024